AnkolecowsFor the E-Motive project van Oxfam Novib I went in March 2015 to Ethiopia and Uganda. We contacted farmers and researchers and discussed the possibilities for a joint development of durable cattle and dairy production.  The main topics we looked at were the use of antibiotics and the use of local, native breeds.In Ethiopia they have the Highlander cow and in South-West Uganda we saw the famous Ankole cows. Both breeds don’t produce much milk, about 2 – 8 kg per day. The young calfs are kept with the mothers and the cows are milked only in the morning. Since the eighties of the 20th century African farmers were asked to use Holstein semen for crossbreeding with the local breeds. Now they face problems with the health of these Holstein Friesian cows. Many of them die. The use of antibiotics is high. We will look for possibilities to set up breeding and selecting their own breeds again to tacle these problems. he African farmers can help us with knowledge about natural medicin and bringing the cattle back in our culture. To be continued.