Fifteen Organic AI Bulls on the market:

  1. Bio Nico 32, 75% Montebeliarde, 25% Red HF
  2. Bio Eva’s Apple, 100% Red Holstein
  3. Bio Skúster Martin, 100% Dutch Friesian Red.
  4. Bio Gerbrand, 100% Dutch Whiteface Red
  5. Bio Zorro, 87,5% Dutch Whiteface, 12,5% Holstein
  6. Bio Boris, 100% MRIJ.
  7. Bio Holwerda Thaigo Twa, a 100% Dutch Friesian bull.
  8. Bio Buitenverwachting Peter, crossbred bull (Brown Swiss x Red HF x Meuse-Rhine-Yssel)
  9. Bio Bram, 100 % Meuse-Rhine-Yssel (MRY).
  10. Bio Daxenbichler Doru PP, 100% Fleckvieh, 100% polled (sold out)
  11. Bio Proostmeer HenkieBoy, 100% HF
  12. Bio Nieuwe Bromo Jeroen, a crossbred; HF x Dutch Whiteface (Italie’s Paul)
  13. Bio Arkemheen 110, a 100% Dutch Friesian bull from Arkemheen farms.
  14. Bio Classic Jaap, a 100% Red HF bull
  15. Bio Opneij-Wytze Pp, 100% Red HF bull, 50% polled. (sold out)

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Bio Holwerda Thiago Twa


Bio ZB Holwerda Thiago Twa (Holwerda Torres x Holwerda Teake) ID967861611 code057219Bio Holwerda Thiago Twa was bred at the former Holwerda breeding farm by Nico Hooghiemster in Reduzum (Friesland), which produced foundation stock of the Dutch Friesian dairy breed. The farm was known for its modern FH cows and bulls. Thiago Twa was produced from a very robust dam, Janke 534. She has been transferred to a farm in Drenthe and is producing a good milk yield with high protein ratio. Thiago Twa has style and character. He has perfect legs. We expect excellent results, also from crosses with Holstein cows.

Bio Buitenverwachting Peter


Bio Buitenverwachting Peter was bred by Corneel van Rijn at Buitenverwachting Farm, Hoogmade. He was bred from sire Encore and dam Eva 66 (Kian x Stadel) and thus offers excellent lifetime production with a high milk protein ratio too. The bull also has strong legs and good persistence. The Buitenverwachting herd comprises 40 dairy cows, mainly Holstein and some crosses with Dutch Whiteface and Brown Swiss. Average production is 7000 kg milk per cow, with 4.5% milk fat and 3.65% protein. The herd is predominantly fed quality roughage and concentrates. Antibiotics are used sparingly, if at all.


Bio Bram

Bio Bram (Andre vd Vinkenhof x Goliath) 738911360-kleinePedigree

Bio Bram is a purebred Meuse-Rhine-Yssel (MRIJ) bull from Den Smitshof breeding farm, Nieuwleusen. His mother is now 16 years old and in her 12th lactation. Her total production so far already exceeds 80,000 kg milk, with an average of 3.89% milkfat and 3.46% protein. Bio Bram was sired by Andre, bred by Karin Godeschalk. She prefers more heavyset MRIJ cows as they have a long productive life and pose few problems. The herd of 55 milk cows has an average age of 7 years. Average production is between 5,500 and 6,000 kg milk per cow. The herd mainly feeds on grass, with little maize. Total concentrates is 1200 kg per cow (including youngstock) and wholeplant silage of wheat and pulses. The farm is not certified organic, but is managed along organic lines. Godeschalk favours homeopathic medication and strictly limits the use of antibiotics (on average one dosis per animal per year), resulting in a healthy and robust herd.

Bio Daxenbichler Doru

FLV BIO Doru -kleinMore informationPedigree

Bio Daxenbichler Doru PP is an attractive and robust Fleckvieh bull with a calm nature. He was bought by Mathijs de Haan from Ingen, where he has already produced several daughters about whom De Haan is very content. Doru’s breeder is Anton Daxenbichler from Tuntenhausen (southern Germany), whose breeding goal is productive, persistent animals with a high lifetime yield, that start their working lives slowly but then just keep going and going. Doru’s mother produced an average of 7072 kg milk with 4.03% milk fat and 3.47% protein (average of five lactations). His grandmother Barra calved 9 times and produced an average of 7060 kg milk with 4.45% milk fat and 3.55% protein. Doru’s expected breeding value for persistence is 109. Doru’s calves will be 100% polled, so there is no need for dehorning. Bio Daxenbichler Doru is not suitable for use on heifers.


Bio Proostmeer HenkieBoy

Bio Proostmeer Henkieboy (Alta Dolman) 489543100Pedigree

Bio Proostmeer HenkieBoy was an tall bull with a gentle nature. He was a true Holstein type with an triple A code of 342, making him suitable for crossing back Holstein crosses for robust cows and higher milk yields. Bio HenkieBoy inherited these traits from his mother and grandmother. Both cows had a combined yield of 138,000 kg milk with a good composition. HenkieBoy’s mother is a SunnyBoy progeny. This bull is famous worldwide for its all-round quality, including in organic conditions. Henkieboy’s paternal grandfather is O-Bee Manfred Justice, aka ‘O-Man’. This is currently the most popular bull around the world for producing robust cows that perform well in organic conditions. om zijn robuuste vererving van wat laatrijpere en rondere koeien.

Bio Nieuw Bromo Jeroen

Bio Nieuw Bromo Jeroen (Italys Hein) 440127509Pedigree

Bio Nieuw Bromo Jeroen is a member of the Nannie family in Nieuw Bromo Farm, a very productive pedigree with late-maturing cows known for staying in good health (low cell counts, no antibiotics) until an old age. His grandmother Nannie 27 reached the age of 18 and had a lifetime production of 109,980 kg milk, with an average milk fat ratio of 4.38% and 3.36% protein. His father is the famous Dutch Whiteface bull Italie’s Paul, who is also known for high lifetime yields and excellent composition. The bull is clearly a cross. He is strongly built, moves easily, not particularly big at the age of 2, but has a good muscle mass. He also has a very gentle nature. Two daughters at his breeding farm are providing a good yield as first calvers. The bull has an Triple A code of 462, making him suitable for crossing with Holstein type cows in order to obtain cows who manage to give high yields without wearing themselves out.

Bio Arkemheen 110

BioArkemheen 110More information

Bio Arkemheen 110 is progeny from the Sofie family at the Lozeman FH breeding farm. His mother Sofie 104 produced nearly 60,000 kg melk with high milk fat and protein ratios. She maintained good lactation values until a ripe age and was awarded 85 points for AV. Sofie’s father, Arkemheen 57, as an AI bull with good breeding values for cell count (103), daughter fertility (101) and milk protein (+14%). Grandmother Sofie 82 had high yields with good composition for 5 lactations (average protein ratio 3.74%). Arkemheen 110 is a long-bodied, broad bull with good legs. Due to the kinship breeding system at the Arkemheen farms, the genes of his durable family are more homozygous anchored in his cells. That is why he will pass these genes strongly to his offspring.  He is an excellent choice for robust cows.

Bio Classic Jaap

Bio Jaap (Classic) 538516112-klein Pedigree

Bio Classic Jaap was bred by Henk Hoefnagel. Hoefnagel has always focused on conformation breeding, an advantage for cattle shows they used to go to. And this appears in Classic Jaap, whose conformation clearly stands out. Hoefnagel’s focus has also had good results on performance. Jaap’s grandmother had a lifetime yield of 76,680 kg milk with 5.11% milk fat and 3.68% protein. His mother is well on the way to an excellent lifetime production to. The bull scores 477 for longevity and 112 total for conformation. Classic Jaap is a good choice for productive cows with good conformation and good longevity in organic environments.


Bio Opneij Wytze-Pp

Bio Opneij Wytze (Lawn Boy)(1) Pedigree

Bio Opneij-Wytze P is a 100% Red Holsteiner and his father, the American bull Lawn Boy PP (Bacculum x Manfred x Aerostar) was famous for his durable daughters. The triple A code is 231 and he was the first bull with an organic breeding value: 82% milk +762 F -.40 P -.15   Milk Index €49. He also has good values for conformation: Udder 108, Legs 106 Total average 109. His mother Martha is a daughter of Kian, she was a late maturing cow with a high persistence in yield and no problems. In her first three lactations she produced 27,010 kg milk with 5% milkfat and 4.00% protein. She has never been treated with antibiotics or been treated for claw problems. Opneij Wytze’s grandmother is a Stadel daughter, who was used by organic farmers for protein and durability.