IMG_9643Farmers Jolanda and Sybrand Bouma in Grou (Friesland) are the first organic dairy farmers that use all the organic AI bulls of Bio-KI for their breeding. In total they milk today 83 daughters of different bulls. The whole dairy herd counts 130 milking cows.

They milk up to 43 daughters of Bio Opneij Wytze Pp. The bulls Bio Classic Jaap, Bio NB Jeroen, Bio PM Henkieboy and Bio Arkemheen 110 did already have 15, 7, 12 and 4 daughters respectively at this farm.  This was more then enough a reason to organize an excursion for farmers to the Bouma’s farm. Eighteen farmers came to the farm to look at the different daughters, also all of the young stock has Bio-KI bulls as their fathers.  We saw very good animals, also of good conformation, strong legs, good udders. And in average their production reached a good level with a small plus for milk fat and protein compared to the older cows which were from other conventional AI bulls. The Bouma’s are very happy with their decision to use the organic bulls from Bio-KI and will go on using all of them in the future. Click here for the whole report. (Report-eng)