IMG_7473The Dutch Organisation for Organic Animal Breeding is in discussion with the Dutch organic dairy sector about the development of a list of extra rules for organic dairy farmers that will be developed. We want to include organic AI in that list. We discuss this matter with Natuurweide (the umbrella organisation of the Dutch organic dairy farmers), Biohuis (organisation for all Dutch organic producers) and Demeter Holland. We think that the use of conventional breeding stock does not fit into the intensions of organic farming and is strange concerning the rules for the use of organic seeds for organic crop production. The use of conventional breeding stock also includes the use of animal unfriendly breeding and selection methods. Conventional breeding stock is kept indoors and young heifers are routinely stimulated with hormones to collect more eggs and embryos out of them. Such reproduction methods are forbidden for organic farms. Why then using conventional breeding that uses these technologies on and on? Further, the use of conventional breeding stock also means the use of animals with a high genetic merit for production, often to high for organic environments. The Natuurweide is studying the possibilities for a additional list of regulations to ensure a better care for animal welfare, health and biodiversity. We think the use of natural mating and/or organic AI, should be in this list as well.