Wytze J. Nauta (1964) finished his PhD in 2009 about organic animal breeding at the University of Wageningen. After the PhD he set up the Organisation for Organic Animal Breeding with the goal to develop organic and animal friendly breeding and selection of farm animals for organic production. The first step was for organic dairy breeding. Together with organic farmers he started Bio-KI, dutch for organic-AI, the supply of organic breeding bulls through AI. Since 2009 they managed to get semen from nign bulls on the market and sold almost 7000 doses of semen to organic farms. Next to that he developed an on farm breeding scheme for dual purpose chickens. The new chicken breed is called Vredelinger and now the 10th generation will be born in January 2016. Eggs for brooding are already brought to Italy and Ireland and more farmers are using these hens and roosters for egg and meat production.