Working closely with organic farmers, the Dutch Organisation for Organic Livestock Breeding (Stichting Biologische Veeverbetering, SBV) strives to increase the availability of organic breeding stock. Organic breeding is about selecting and propagating animals that are optimally suited to organic conditions. Organic livestock breeding respects animal welfare and animals’ integrity. Our aim is healthy, productive animals that thrive on organic farms.



Supply of Organic AI Breeding Bulls
Our bulls are selected based on the performance of their mother and grandmothers in terms of lifetime milk yield, health and fertility. Milk composition, i.e. the ratios of milk fat and protein, is important too.

Kip+haanF6Farm-based Breeding of Dual Purpose Chickens
The goal is to breed a new breed of chickens with a potential production of 250 eggs per year and a sufficient genetic predisposition for meat production. In this way the male day one chicks can be kept alive and be raised for meat. Furthermore we strive for the selection of robust hens that can be kept more than 14 months, i.e. for two or three laying periods.  Read more