The organic poultry production sector depends greatly on the world-wide operating poultry breeding companies that supply them with different hybrids or ‘brands’ like “Lowmann Brown” of “Amberlink”.  These hybrids are the products of a four-way cross of different pure bred lines that are in stock of the companies. Depending on the market, breeding companies make a sufficient hybrid for different goals or production systems. This system is developed for maximum output of the animals. The pure lines can be intensely selected for specific traits which are combined in the hybrids. The hybrids get an effect of heterosis; the offspring has a higher performance then the parents have in average. With the supply of hybrids, breeding companies protect their business because farmers cannot use the hybrids for further breeding at farm level. This would result in high variation between the animals. This presses the farmers to buy new hens after each laying period of 14 months. In this way it is impossible to adapt the animals to the local and organic farm environments