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Den Smitshof VOF  – Karin Godeschalk  (Nieuwleusen)

This MRY cattle breeding farm has continuously breeding bulls for sale. The farm has no organic certification however, the management is very durable and no antibiotics are use at all.  On average the cows have an anual production of 6000 kg milk with 4,30% milkfat and 3,70% protein. During the grazing period the cows are mainly grass fed. In the fall this is compensated with some mais and a maximum of 4 kg concentrates daily during the winter period. Karin’s breeding goal is durable, strong musclular cows, the ‘old type’ of deep red MRY cows with good yield and long lives. Karin is the breeder of Org-AI bull Bio Bram.

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Maatschap Lozeman (Achterveld)

This farms is a fundament breeding farm of the Dutch Friesian breed. Frits Lozeman has continued the breeding of a very special line of DF cows and bulls of former breeder Dekker. The cows of this line have a special dark black/brown colour all over their back. The farm is converted to organic (since 1998) and grows good grass-clover for the cows together with whole grain silage and a maximum of 1200 kg concentrates per lactation.  The anual production of the cows is about 6300 kg milk with 4,50% milkfat and 3,52% protein. Lozeman has bred many different Arkemheen AI bulls that are available through KI Kampen ( Arkemheen 110 is also a Org-AI bull. There is always a supply of young bulls available for sail to breeders of durable dairy cattle.

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Eemstad Farm (Amersfoort)

Eemstad farm is an urban farm that supplies small scale arable and animal products in and near the city Amersfoort. The on-farm breeding of the dual purpose chickens is one of the activities. With five pure line families of the ‘Vredelinger’ breed, every year a new generation of layers and roosters is produced for the breeding scheme and for the supply of this organic chicken breed.IMG_20151230_150451512_HDR[1]

The average production of the hens in the first laying period is about 255 eggs per year. The hens are strong and durable, body weight is about 2200 grams, and they are able to produce up to three laying periods. The roosters are able to grow up to an average of 1300 grams (slaughtered weight) in about 16-18 weeks.

Every year, from January to June, there are chickens (male and female) for sale up to 150 animals per delivery. If you are interested in buying the Vredelinger, please contact Wytze Nauta,